About us

We have made this tool in order to solve a problem that this market had right and causing users to jump from one website to another. We noticed that in order to save videos from different social media platforms users have to navigate from one platform to another.

Which cause a lot of their time to be wasted and we had faced the same problems in this niche.

So, to solve the problem we had developed and created this tool named Microasverfr.net as the term shows you it saves your micro time by providing you with 47 different social media platforms to save videos from.

Which eventually save your time and it’s a All in one tool that solves all your problems of saving videos at once at one place for free and fast.

We are a team of Experienced SEO experts and Developers who were having more than 5+ years of experience in their respective fields and we are here to provide users the tools that they really need for absolutely free because in internet there are tools that are limited to certain use so we are making the solution of that problems.