Is VidMate safe to use?
October 20, 2023

Is VidMate safe to use?

Is VidMate safe to use?

Are you in a conflict whether you should use Vidmate to download videos from social media or not?

Because most of the downloaders in the market were not safe.

Then don’t worry because in this article we will let you know whether vidmate is safe to use or not and along with that we will also give you the safest video downloader for your daily use.

Let’s get started.

Is VidMate safe to use?

Safe video
Supported sites47+ social media platforms
Supported formats40+ different formats

No, 99% of the vidmate app available in the internet market were not safe because they aren’t in google play store. And most of the app inject virus and store user data so instead of using a mobile app you should use vidmate tool based website which is being provided by where you can downloadd videos from 47+ different social media platform for free with out letting any one use your data and it’s approved by Google Adsense.

And most of the vidmate app you will get is from 3rd party website but all those were not verified by any one that’s why it isn’t safe to use.

Now you might have a question that how you can download videos from

How to download videos from

To download videos from follow these simple process:

Step 1: Copy the Video URL which you want to download.

Step 2: Go to and paste the video in to input box.

Step 3: Click on the download button and your video will be downloaded automatically.

This is how you can download videos from

Can we use VidMate in India?

Legally you can’t use vidmate app in India because it was removed from play store for a long time because it doesn’t comply with the play store policies.

But there are website which claim that they had original version of vidmate but all website had their version of app and none of the app were original.

How many people use VidMate?

According to some sources the app has 10’s of millions of downloads or more than that but because it has been removed from google play store so we can’t tell you the active users they had.

Why do people use VidMate?

Vidmate app is being used to download videos from social media platforms but the official app isn’t present in the play store and didn’t know the version you are downloading is safe or not.

So, insted you should use vidmate provided by which is a online video downloader website trusted by google.

Is VidMate a social app?

No, vidmate isn’t a social app it’s officially launched as video downloader app but now it’s been banned from google playstore.

Is VMate app free?

Yes, it’s free but it comes along with many harmful malwares because it is not provided by the play store so we suggest don’t use it insted use the vimdate video downloader website which is being provided by

Is VidMate safe on Android?

No, it isn’t safe for any device because it isn’t coming from a trusted source and it isn’t safe for any device instead use vidmate video downloader website.

Why can’t I download videos from VidMate?

the reason why you can’t able to download videos from vidmate app because most of the version that you get from 3rd party website are duplicate app and which doesn’t work so that’s the reason behind it.

Which is the vidmate official site?

There’s no official website of vidmate and there’s no official app of vidmate available in the market which is safe to use instead use our vidmate which is trusted by google.


So, this is all about the question Is VidMate safe to use?

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